白雪姫、何か怖ぇーぞ!この作品はアメリカ・ロサンゼルスのメイクアップアーティストGlam & Goreさんが制作したディズニープリンセスのゾンビ作品。もし、ディズニープリンセスがゾンビになったら・・・を見せてくれるユニークな作品だ。白雪姫からエルサなど多くのプリンセスゾンビな光景が制作されており、プリンセスのビフォーアフターのゾンビ前もあるので同ゾンビ化したのか見比べて楽しむことができる。


TOMORROW! Find out what happens to the most Classic Disney Princess of all, Cinderella!💙 It'll be JUST the intro/skit tomorrow, the tutorial portion will follow a few days after, and the bloopers + behind the scenes a few days after that! Same content (more for this one, really- the intro is the most involved edit I've ever done for this channel & I think you'll love it!) just spread out so you didn't have to wait a week and a half to get it all at once! This will be better organized for you to find your favorite parts and gives me the chance to make each portion better without having to worry about the runtime of the whole massive video! We're trying it out! So please stay open minded :) Thanks to those on snapchat and Twitter who voted on how many sections we should split these really big tutorials into! I'll post on here again tomorrow with a warning that the intro is soon to come! 😈 But you can also subscribe to make sure you don't miss the second it's up! Big thanks to @hairhegoes for the wig and for Cindy's dress!☺️🎉

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I'm so excited to FINALLY announce the Dark Disney Princess series & your reaction to the announcement has been so exciting that I wanted to give you a little more info on it! After I did the frostbite twist on Frozen's Elsa in July of 2014, I started thinking about doing a whole series of similar looks with Disney Princesses. Putting a dark twist on Disney isn't anything new,you can find tons of artwork from long ago depicting some badass gruesome princesses,(heck a lot of the Disney movies came from Brothers Grimm's fairy tales to begin with) but I had so much fun doing a dark Elsa and that's what made me want to do a whole series. I started working on them in December of 2014 and have had to put them on hold several times for things like the Face Awards and Halloween, and other makeup looks and series with this theme have been done since that are awesome! This will be my own interpretations of the dark side of Disney. :) And they will start coming out after the social media series is done! (Next video in that series is almost ready!) I can't WAIT to show you what to me has been the ultimate mix of glam & gore! ☺️

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