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Actually finished my Motoko somewhat before I went to Japan, but due to not feeling good about my body then, I dropped it in a bag and wanted to forget about it. But now, I have gained some weight, and actually gotten some thighs(which I think is gorgeus but never had) and still want to do her, I decided to try her on again. Now im so much more excited about her because she just needed a rest and I needed to clean my head. And I think all of us have some times when we feel insecure about ourselves, but it is important to look at ourselves with patience and take it as it comes. My body is mine, and I will continue to love it in all shapes, moods or states it might be in. Peace out into cyberspace ❤ (And yes, I am wearing the belt lower, and yes I do have panties) #bodypositivity #cosplay #motokokusanagi #ghostintheshell #gits #motoko #major #ootd #selfie #outfit #motoko #shirowmasamune

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