質感最高!この作品はオーストラリアのアーティストJoshua Smithさんが制作した細部まで再現された超リアルなミニチュアな建物。モデルは香港の九龍にあるアパートメントをモデルにした、アパートの年数や人の生活感や匂いまで漂ってきそうな、かなりクオリティーの高いミニチュア作品だ。


2 weeks ago I acheived my lifelong dream of having an exhibition in New York City. A dream I have always had ever since I started my art career all those years ago. Tonight is the game changer, I exhibit my work in the VOLTA Art fair in New York City, one of the biggest and best art fairs in the USA. This has been an incredibly surreal experience and has happened all so quickly yet has taken me 17 years of hard work to get to this point. I would not be at this point though without the support and encouragement by people such as my parents, Kab 101 and Sooz, Rah, Yasmin, Chris Tamm, Andrew & Jacinta, Ali & Garth, Daniela, Summa, Tsunami, Thanh, Jack, Sair, Catherine, Matt, Tom Buchanan, Blake & Ellen, Rae and so many others. To you all I say thankyou. To everyone I say thankyou for your support as I continue to move forward making all things miniature. My work will be on display at @murielguepingallery at the VOLTA Art fair, Pier 90 in Manhattan from March 1-5. Unfortunately I cannot be there in person as much as I wanted to be but please check it out if you are in the area. Photo credit: Andrew Beveridge/ASB creative @asbcreative_pro_photo

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